This is Our WHY Everyday

Hello everyone.

I came into work last week and a letter from one of our guests was left on my desk.

I would like to share that with you, I will type it verbatim except for the removal of particular staff names because it is a team effort.

Dear TMNT,

Thank you so much for last week and helping me get through the housing assessment. You had my best interest at heart and often had to rally in order to keep me on track and get the job done.

You are dedicated battlers for the cause of combating homelessness. I salute all of you at TMNT. I also salute the Trustees one and all. I had the privilege of meeting an ex trustee yesterday and I know a couple of the others. They are really nice people, I like them very much.

And thank you for challenging my moodiness and inappropriate behaviours/words. I do need to get that stuff nailed in order to be properly prosperous.

I appreciate you heaps for all of the hard work plus how you comfort us when we are blue. You have this wonderful combination of zeal, focus, determination, tenacity and motherly/sisterly concern.

You don't just tell us off when we are out of line, you show us how to correct, use different tools. Then you reassure us or at least leave us with that feeling of reassurance.

Of course these sorts of commendations belong to all the TMNT staff. May all of your hearts and spirits live forever as you pursue positive outcomes for us at TMNT. You don't just seek accommodation for us, but the other aspects of help needed, medical, counselling, probation, courses and so much more.

So in a simple word, Thank you, we are so grateful. I personally want to make you and the others at TMNT proud.

Signed off by a guest.

Aaaaawwww and there in lies the reasons we come to work everyday. Who wouldn't want to be part of this.

This is our WHY everyday.

Have a lovely weekend all.

Annamarie and team