…the night shelter was not just a place for the homeless to doss down but there would be support services, including a social worker to work with the men to try to get them back into mainstream accommodation and employment.

What have we achieved from an external stakeholder perspective?

“The Tauranga Moana Nightshelter has been a consistent and caring support for our client Mr C, who has been unable to properly instruct us until he received the stability of the NIghtshelter and their support”. “It is unlikely that we would have been able to help him without his staying at the shelter”. “A number of our clients stay at shelters around the country but few receive the level of support Mr C has received”. “The team at TMNT have enabled Mr C to access justice and I hope they are able to continue to do so”.

- Amanda Hill, Senior Associate, Cooper Legal, Wellington

I can only stress the importance of the Night Shelter continuing the work that they do.

“I would like to comment on the great work the Tauranga Moana Nightshelter staff team do in offering support for a diverse range of people, some of whom are quite high risk offenders”. “Historically many of these people have had no other option but to survive on the streets”. This however is usually short-lived and they invariably re-offend. To have a place that can offer a roof over their head and provide good practical ongoing support has made a world of difference to some of our itinerant offenders”.

- Phil Newton, Probation Officer, Tauranga South Service Centre

“We really appreciate your help with the rent and bond and I just wanted to say what a great job you do in supporting these people with such a need for housing”.

- Housing New Zealand Corporation

People have to start somewhere.

"We have to encourage and educate, both rough sleepers, our community and services who should provide care. We must relax our criteria, take lessons in meaningful engagement, and have a 'talk to me, tell me anything, you are safe with me' tattoo on our foreheads. When this information is given to us we must follow through, take more time, follow up, remain interested, remain empathetic and compassionate."

Tauranga's Mens shelter provides a warm safe whare for all men who find themselves homeless.

"They come with severe addiction issues, mental health issues, past trauma, abandonment, legal/judicial issues, behavioural issues, capacity issues, physical health issues, cultural and spiritual disconnection. After 5 years working in this environment I can assure the community that the shelter does provide a comprehensive service that meets so many individual needs. We leave no stone un-turned to make a difference in these vulnerable lives."

The service we provide is dictated by the individual needs of each person that presents.

"Many people have undergone community detox in our whare, where they have been clinically/medically assessed as safe to do so. This is called a community detox and is supported by the appropriately trained clinicians. We work with addiction services and with GP's, WBOP PHO, Hospital Services to ensure client safety and good health. If a hospital detox is required, we present our clients to the appropriate clinicians and advocate for this to happen as quickly as a bed comes available."