Reflecting on Our Journey

October 28, 2020
Good morning friends, I came across this article dated 26 September 2015. It reminded me that since 2014 we have remained true to dedicating every possible hour and every possible resource to transforming the lives of our most vulnerable people. Some of you may remember Tim...
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Our Hearts are Warm

July 30, 2020
Good morning friends, You would not believe in your wildest dreams the amazing things that have been happening at Takitimu House. In my ramblings I will try to convey as best I can the kaupapa. This month alone, 10 men have moved into their forever homes. 10 people in less ...
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Hello bubble friends of the shelter, I must say I am so proud to be a kiwi, more so than usual, aren't you? Warts and all there is nowhere else I would rather be living in the world. Takitimu House is a very important part of our little world, so here is a update: The guys...
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This is Our WHY Everyday

August 17, 2018
Hello everyone. I came into work last week and a letter from one of our guests was left on my desk. I would like to share that with you, I will type it verbatim except for the removal of particular staff names because it is a team effort. Dear TMNT, Thank you so much for las...
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Are We Doing Enough

April 4, 2018
I have been to LA a couple of times and was appalled at the homeless situation back then, it was some years ago. It appears to be worse, much worse. At the time however, I had never seen a homeless person in our country (I know right, where have I been), I was horrified! I r...
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