Are We Doing Enough

I have been to LA a couple of times and was appalled at the homeless situation back then, it was some years ago. It appears to be worse, much worse. At the time however, I had never seen a homeless person in our country (I know right, where have I been), I was horrified! I remember thinking, New Zealand would NEVER EVER be like that, we are such a great country. We care for our vulnerable, I remember feeling so completely and utterly proud to be a kiwi and so sad for the people that I saw way back then along Hollywood Boulevard.

As time has gone by our systems and services have changed somewhat. Government officials, the decision makers, curtailed how we responded to people in need. Accessing help, support, housing, to name a few, became far too complex for people whose lives were already stressed to capacity.

Accessing support or services that should be easily available to our MOST vulnerable people became 'unobtainable'. These people, TMNT's people were left to rot on the streets. We carefully looked the other way for far too long. You may object to this comment, however we have people with us who had been on the street for in excess of 20 years. How's that possible if we weren't looking the other way?

You might suggest that we have become a lot more aware of this issue. You would be right, small services operating in the face of this tragedy are acutely aware, you, the public have become acutely aware, our readers and followers are acutely aware. But that might be where it ends, and not much changes.

Are we doing enough, are we now little LA?

Please keep this issue dear to your heart! Please check in with your local politicians to ensure they are keeping the issues close to their hearts.

Our community is stronger when we stand together and speak for those people who can't.