This facility has been for me an absolute saviour, giving me all the help I needed to get my life back in control.

The staff along with the safe environment has given hope and all the help possible for a lot of the men who for various reasons have found themselves on the streets. 

A lot of very positive things have happened for a number of the clients, eg housing, work, studies which all last. In getting clients too appointments this is done with the staff using their own transport which costs money. This facility must continue, it would be great if the staff had a car so they don’t have to use their own transport. More staff will help the staff already on site, maintenance on the building plus the grounds, day to day running costs.

This facility is a template for addressing a very serious matter which cannot be swept under the carpet any longer, but must be confronted.

This facility is something that TMNT should be very proud of and has benefited men who have taken advantage of what they offer. It shows the rest of the Country how this very serious and real issues can be addressed. 

- T

Entry 10.9.2014 / Exit 13.7.2015